The new Critical Mass Radler

Invented in Germany for thirsty bicyclists, the Radler is traditionally a lager or wheat beer mixed with a citrus soda. Originating from a drink called the Radlermass, meaning cyclist litter in German, the evolution of this beverage has brought us an effervescent recovery beer great for the end of a long day of riding the bike trails our city has to offer or as a refreshing accompaniment to an afternoon on our patio. 

To kick off bike month, we are pleased to release our Critical Mass Radler. For our take on a Radler we have combined our German style lager with our home-made grapefruit soda. This beer is low in alcohol and high in refreshment. So ride on in and give it a try, you’ll be happy you did!

2.7 ABV 5 IB

The Impossible Burger at Cantero Brewing Company

impossible burger.jpg

The Stonecutter Burger by Cantero Brewing Company